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Estate Related Taxes

At Schaffer Herring PLLC, we know that estate-related tax issues can be either a mystery or a complete surprise to executors/personal representatives, beneficiaries and estate administrators or trustees. Our depth of understanding from Masters degrees in Laws of Taxation and prior work for the IRS Estate and Gift Tax unit helps clients manage estate tax concerns to reduce risks and ease their tax burdens efficiently and wisely including:

  • Preparation of final income tax returns when an estate earns income after its original taxpayer is deceased.
  • Preventing personal liability problems for executors and trustees by preparation of fiduciary income tax returns when they have personal earnings from their work with an estate
  • Establishment of generation-skipping tax strategies within an estate plan
  • Evaluation and planning of tax strategies to take advantage of long term tax benefits or mitigate the risk of gifts to family members, charities, educational (529) funds and more.
  • Representation of taxpayers in cases of adverse IRS decisions on estate-related tax matters
  • Representation of litigants or defendants in matters of disputed death tax allocations