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Probate, Estate and Trust Administration, and Guardianships

The attorneys of Schaffer Herring PLLC understand that losing a loved one or dealing with an incapacitated or disabled family member can be overwhelming and stressful. Our attorneys are here to help. We frequently provide advice and representation related to probate, estate and trust administration, and guardianship matters in Oklahoma and Tribal courts, including:

  • Representing individuals and families in settling a decedent's estate, which includes court procedures necessary to determine the content and nature of an estate, ensuring that the debts, expenses, and taxes of the estate are paid, and obtaining court authorization for distribution of the estate assets to heirs and beneficiaries.
  • Representing executors and personal representatives in the probate of a last wills and testaments.
  • Reconstruction or reformation of trusts on change of marital status.
  • Assisting with ancillary estate administration involving Oklahoma real property held by estates under probate in other states.
  • Representing clients when a decedent has no will and his or her estate must be distributed under Oklahoma’s intestate succession laws, including assisting and advising clients with respect to property owned in joint tenancy with right of survivorship, as well as distributions from employee benefit plans, individual retirement accounts, life insurance, and annuities.
  • Assisting with the administration and distribution of trusts in connection with a decedent’s estate.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship actions for minors and incapacitated adults.
  • Representing Native Americans in navigating complex estate planning and probate laws governing such matters as headrights and restricted property.